Range of Units

3 concepts

On the basis of three construction concepts, Budé offers all imaginable solutions for living, working, storing, enclosing as well as any possible event.


Ready-to-use, robust as well as personalized: these are the three key features of the Comfort range. The customer will not only benefit from a fast delivery but also from the possibility to substantially personalize the container, starting with the size and position of the window frames up to and including the choice of the interior and exterior finishing.

  1. Robust ready-to-use solution
  2. Possibility for personalization
  3. Various sizes (maximum 12,000 x 4,000 x 3,300 mm)
  4. Quick delivery
  5. Connectable and stackable


Budé is specialized in customized containers. An expertise that achieves its full potential in the Solid range : an extremely sturdy construction, our own craftsmanship entirely fitted out to meet your specifications and in compliance with all the standards. In other words: the ultimate solution for specific situations in challenging circumstances.

  1. Extremely sturdy craftsmanship by Budé
  2. Unique manufacturing concept
  3. Outer shell in steel or stainless steel
  4. Welded box
  5. Profiled or smooth exterior walls
  6. Burglar-proof
  7. Freedom to determine the measurements (maximum 20,000 x 5,000 x 5,500 mm)
  8. Equipment and insulation at the customer's discretion
  9. Connectable and stackable
  10. Very high long-term durability



Are you looking for an extremely solid but keenly priced container? Chances are that you will end up with a converted shipping container: the affordable speciality of Budé. The conversion possibilities are endless. Choose the equipment and Budé will take care of the rest.

  1. The affordable speciality of Budé
  2. Converted shipping containers
  3. International transport sizes
  4. Sturdy and burglar-proof
  5. CSC certified (International Convention for Safe Containers)
  6. Equipment and insulation at the customer's discretion
  7. Connectable and stackable