Range of Units


You would not leave your valuable goods and tools just lying around. Therefore a solid and burglar-proof container is the perfect solution. Both for the construction sector and the industrial sector as well as private individuals, sport clubs and associations.


  1. The Seabox range includes both second-hand and new containers, available in stock at the lowest price, length up to 21 feet (6.3 m).
  2. If a shipping container does not have the right measurements, Budé can provide you with a Comfort or Solid container made to measure.
  3. Insulation at your request.
  4. Condensation-resistant for storage of electric equipment.
  5. Burglar-proof locking mechanism designed exclusively by Budé.
  6. Customized equipment: shelves, workbenches, electricity.
  7. Combitainer: container with office and storage space.


  1. Open or closed container
  2. Equally possible as Seabox: advantage of international transport sizes
  3. Single and double wall
  4. Surface treatment interior walls adapted to the product: coating, metallization or polyester
  5. Ideal for the petrochemical industry, water treatment plants and the food industry