Range of Units

Technical enclosures

Containers are highly suitable as a protective covering for machines and processes. Together with you, Budé will develop the most economical solution in compliance with all the standards concerning bearing capacity, stability, soundproofing, leak and gas tightness, thermal insulation, fire resistance, chemical resistance, ...

Budé takes it even a step further by helping you to integrate the equipment. Our department with skilled fitters takes professional care of the mechanical assembly, pipes made of steel, plastic or stainless steel, electricity, PLC controls, HVAC, ...


With regard to enclosures, everything is possible. What do you think for example about a floorless enclosure as a protective covering for an existing installation? Budé offers a ready-to-use solution for each specific situation.

Quality coating

Budé has its own state-of-the-art infrastructure for steel grit blasting, metallization and painting in compliance with the most stringent norms (ISO, Norsok, ...). Even third parties have been outsourcing their paintwork to Budé for years of utter customer satisfaction. The paintwork can be certified and even insured upon request. Click here for more information on surface treatment by Budé.