Combicontainers (office/storage)

The Budé combicontainers or combi-units include an office/refectory in combination with a storeroom. These conversions are customized by Budé using very strong and equipped shipping containers (Seabox).

  1. Shipping containers
  2. Multifunctional equipment: office/refectory and storeroom
  3. Lowered ceiling above office/refectory for the storage of long components
  4. Possible installation on a container skid for transport (only for 20ft containers)
  5. Equipped with a burglar-proof lock

Absolute security

Budé fits out combicontainers with burglar-proof locks of your choice. Absolute security is guaranteed with the welded security lock developed by Budé. Also on rental containers!

Fully equipped

Let us know what your requirements are and Budé will fit out each combicontainer in detail.

  1. Tables (120 x 80 cm, 160 x 80 cm)
  2. Chairs
  3. Office chairs on wheels
  4. Hatstands
  5. Office cupboards
  6. Wastepaper baskets
  7. Cloakrooms
  8. ...

Some optional extension possibilities for combicontainers:

  1. Staircase
  2. Air-conditioning (floor or ceiling units)
  3. Cable trunking with electric sockets, Ethernet sockets, ...
  4. Refrigerator (built-in or freestanding)
  5. Central electric box