Surface treatment

In order to guarantee a lasting first-class quality in the most diverse circumstances, Budé applies a state-of-the-art surface treatment to the containers.

Also third parties have been using this surface treatment process for years.

Steel grit blasting

Budé has a modern blasting cabin (15 x 6.5 x 6.5 m) to strip the top layer from metal and remove carbon deposits. Steel grit (an ideal abrasive) is propelled against the containers under high pressure. The result is a uniform and clean surface for a perfect adhesion of metallization and paint.


Depending on the weather conditions and operational environment, Budé can offer additional surface protection by applying electric metallization. A state-of-the-art metallization cabin (16 x 6.5 x 6.5 m) is used for this process. The metallized coating guarantees a long-lasting protection of the steel surface. Ideal for extreme operational conditions and offshore use!

In order to obtain an even more aesthetic look and superior protective characteristics, Budé can add a quality paint finish.

Wet painting

With the use of two high-performing paint cabins (25 x 10 x 6.5 m) and the application of a particularly effective pre-treatment, Budé provides first-class paintwork in compliance with the most stringent norms such as ISO 12944 and Norsok. Each container is therefore guaranteed an optimal service life.


Custom lettering

For many professional customers, a container is only completely finished when it also carries the company logo and colours. And Budé can also make this happen. The choice is yours: decals or paintwork?

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